Get Out The Native Vote is a non-partisan effort in Alaska to mobilize Alaska Native and American Indian voters

Alaska Native Peoples are leaders in civic engagement and are powerful advocates for our communities.

Through inspired leadership, voter education, and advocacy, Alaska Native Peoples lead the decisions that shape our world.

GOTNV became a Cook Inlet Tribal Council affiliate in 2020. Previously, it was under the ANCSA Regional Association umbrella. GOTNV was founded with the belief that the right to vote is a fundamental component of a healthy democracy. GOTNV’s roots are in working to ensure every eligible Alaskan is registered to vote, and in removing barriers that prevent registered voters from casting their ballots. GOTNV endeavors that every Alaskan, regardless of background, engage in the civic process at the local and state level. Through nonpartisan outreach and education, has worked to remind low-propensity voters about upcoming elections and promote absentee voting.

GOTNV Strategic Plan 2025 [View PDF]
JULY 2020:Get Out The Native Vote Becomes CITC Affiliate
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Gloria O’Neill, President/CEO, CITC
Liz Medicine-Crow, President/CEO, First Alaskans Institute
Barbara Donatelli, Retired Senior VP, CIRI
Ivan Encelewski, Board Chair, CITC
Sharon Hildebrand
Cordelia Kellie
Kyle Worl

“Too often, local, state and federal governments make decisions that affect every citizen, often without Native people at the table. It’s important that we exercise our rights, make our voices heard, and continue the fight for equality that so many Alaska Native leaders have pushed forward. We can do this by promoting civic engagement and Alaska Native leadership at all levels of government.”

Gloria O’Neill
President/CEO, CITC

GOTNV was featured at AFN in October 2020. Check out the video here: